What if there were
a city for veterans?


A city that was specifically designed to support the needs of veterans to include work opportunities, housing and medical support. We have organized a team of nationally recognized land development experts to help us make this audacious dream a reality.


Hope. Relevance. Respect. Forever.

Through warrior2warrior (w2w) foundation we have been focused on helping special operations veterans for the past five years. We have helped over 330 teammates to date and this past year is the first where demand for our services has exceeded our ability to support. Our current model is to build an individualized pipeline to wellness for each teammate. Some veterans need help with pain, some have substance abuse challenges, while others are simply struggling with transition back into the civilian world. Every veteran has a unique combination of challenges that require a unique combination of solutions. Whatever their challenges include, we will build a solution to meet their personal requirement. Additionally, this pipeline is constructed to best meet geographic constraints and opportunities.

As we look forward to how to better serve special operators in the coming years and decades, we need to address the foundational challenges of post military life along with meeting the needs of future challenges. Demand will continue to increase as the stigma to getting help continues to decrease. This is a good news story, but it ultimately puts more pressure on our limited resources. Additionally, we feel it is important to open some of our services to the broader veteran and first responder populations and this too will put more pressure on our efforts. In order to effectively address these requirements, we have spent the past two years focusing on development of long-term solutions.



The City


One thing that immediately became evident is that we can become more effective and efficient if we had a physical location as part of our solution. A physical location will provide the infrastructure to help more teammates and we believe, save lives. We are now in the initial planning stages to build a town, or better stated, to build a community. Our community will include all (or most) of the services veterans need to rebuild their lives. While elements of the town will focus their services on serving special operators, the broader purpose of the town will be for all veterans and first responders. Our planning efforts have identified many key elements that will help us most effectively meet our challenge. We will be deliberately injecting key features into this planned community in order to best facilitate veteran transition and wellness. The name of our effort and ultimately our community is Patriot City.



The ranch will be the center of the town and the main source for helping our teammates restore their lives and their quality of life.



Businesses, owned or operated by veterans and patriot supporters and tourism will help the town be self-sustaining allowing it to thrive on its own.



Standard housing would be available for residents of Patriot City in order to be close to the town epicenter, commerce, and medical care.



Veterans will be able to receive first class medical care all in one location. Numerous physicians and medical practitioners have already pledged their commitment to help our teammates in need of quality care.

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Our Partners





Will and Maggie Brooke

Owen and Marsha Vickers

Tony and Doree Nelson

Dr. and Mrs. John B. Richardson

Russell Maddox

Dr. and Mrs. Merritt Cullum

Michael Turnbough w/ Raymond James

Drs. Tony and Ashley Ballagas

Dr. and Mrs. Hasan Guven

Bobby Aycock

Gary and Amanda Baker

Dr. David Adkison

Dan & Sandy Curran

Clark & Ann Lea

Clark & Molly Lea

Klopfer Family

John and Marilyn Connelly Foundation

The Guinand Family Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. Mike Parks

Dr. and Mrs. David Holcomb

Dr. Mark Parker

Dr. and Mrs. Joey Falgout

Dr. John Runyan and Dr. Monica Hunter

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Beckenstein

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Wrightenberry

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Michell

Dr. Patrick Gallus

Dr. and Mrs. Allan Mishra

Dr. and Mrs. Steve Sampson

Mr. and Mrs. Grant Johnston

Dr. Carlos Garcia

Mr. & Mrs. Pete Jones

David Matte

Bob and Lesa Boos

Rob and Kathy Boos

John and Wendy Thomas


“No duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks.”

- James Allen


Take Action

Our needs are great to make this vision come to life. So many have donated their time, contributions, and resources to see this through. Will you be a part?



Give financially to our cause and make a difference. All giving is tax-deductible.


Our partner, Vintage for Vets (V4V), has an enormous warehouse full of amazing Americana and military memorabilia that will be used to help attract visitors to Patriot City. Donate your items and leave your mark on our city.


Contribute to our cause and get a Patriot City Support Kit to share the news of our city with other veterans across the United States.