A City Like No Other

To create something that does not exist requires a thorough action plan. Specific elements that we will deliberately be creating in our community include:


All therapies (or most) in one location – the heartbeat of Patriot City will be a facility that houses the therapies designed to help our teammates build and sustain physical, psychological and social resilience. Essentially, this facility will house what w2w currently focuses on and the name of this facility will be the Resilience Ranch.

Creating a physical home for transitioning veterans – Upon retirement or separation from active duty military service, many veterans feel isolated with no place to call home. Throughout each veteran’s career, “the base” was essentially home, even if they lived off base. When military service ends, so does their feeling of truly belonging to the base community. Patriot City will become their new base, their new home, and their new community even if they only visit one day each year. After speaking to thousands of veterans, each emphatically confirmed that the mere notion of having such a place as Patriot City would be powerful for their wellness, even if they lived far away. There’s no place like home.

Create permanency – Our current model, along with the majority of other veteran not-for-profit efforts lack permanency. Currently our therapies are piecemealed together through a tapestry of benevolence stretched across the country. This is fantastic, but this ad hoc methodology lacks the permanence that invites consistency and true effectiveness.

Relevance (transition) – One of the number one challenges transitioning service members face is finding their relevance or purpose after their service to our country comes to an end. Service members are afforded impressive responsibility while on active duty, typically surpassing that of their peers in the civilian sector. The challenge hits hard when these American Heroes try to find their post military careers. Patriot City will be designed to provide veterans education, internships and actual opportunities to help systematically build relevance.

A place dedicated to building solutions for future challenges now – For example, many veterans are facing physical challenges that they will need to deal with for the remainder of their lives. In some cases, Mom and Dad are their primary care taker. Mom and Dad are getting older every day, what is going to happen when they are no longer capable of taking care of their veteran son or daughter? The vision for Patriot City is to include assisted living facilities. In fact, Patriot City will incorporate the entire spectrum that the *CCRC model is built around.

*Continuing Care Retirement Community

A system capable of absorbing benevolence
– Without a physical location, it is hard to absorb non-monetary forms of benevolence. On a daily basis, w2w is offered support and help in an endless array of ways. We have been blessed with stem cell doctors and dentists offering two weeks/year of their services, human resource experts offering to provide concierge attention to retiring special operators and nationally acclaimed musicians offering to hold fundraiser concerts. It is extremely difficult to absorb any sort of benevolence other than financial gifts without a physical location. Patriot City will change this.

A system capable of leveraging economies of scale – We currently send our teammates to medical providers around the country. In some cases, in particularly when one of our teammates has demonstrated suicidal ideations, w2w sends a mentor to be with this teammate every step of the way. The medical providers have been unbelievably benevolent; typically providing us cut rate costs and even no cost what-so-ever in some situations. Despite this reality, we are still faced with enormous travel costs, especially when a teammate needs to be in one location for an extended period of time (i.e. two to four months…). Unfortunately, we are sometimes forced to make a decision based off cost vs. quality of care. Patriot City will significantly help change this, setting the conditions so ultimately the only future consideration will be to provide exactly what is required.

The ability to work towards self-sustainability – We currently rely 100% on your support to help these teammates in need. When we say that special operators do not like asking anyone for help, this is an understatement. Special operators are frankly some of the most self-reliant people on the planet; this reality is a double-edged sword. When they are healthy and taking care of business on the battlefield or back home with their family, this becomes a mark of pride. But when they are struggling to regain the quality-of-life they had before entering the military and they need our help, this becomes a challenge that often times exacerbates their challenges. Patriot City plans to incorporate the principles of conscious capitalism so the town itself and the Veterans themselves that live or spend time in this community will all be contributing to a micro-economy that will ultimately help fuel the cost of these therapies and services. Everything from fundraising events to for-profit commerce will be part of Patriot City. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about how this will work.

Town culture - Focus on values and priorities all Veterans share and respect – We will be 100% focused on respecting and honoring the service each teammate has made for our country. We will be careful to be non-political, but we will also unapologetically embrace patriotism, proudly fly the American flag and pay tribute to those who have chosen to serve our countries in any capacity to include all military and first responders.

Create a place any patriot citizen can come to show their support for Veterans – The support our troops and veterans receive from this country is humbling. As amazing as this support has been, we often hear that many people do not know how to help. Imagine a place where anyone can visit anytime they choose to show their respect and to support Veterans. The answers to how to help veterans in need will all be consolidated in Patriot City. Imagine a place that has places of interest (such as museums), educational opportunities, world class shopping and entertainment. Now imagine that your attendance to visit any of these opportunities will directly support the needs of these Veterans.

Synchronization of services - By positioning everything in one location in Patriot City, synchronization between services, therapeutic modalities and opportunities for education and relevance will increase our effectiveness significantly. 

Create a gold standard of care for our Veterans in need – w2w and Patriot City feel that special operator veterans in need should be given the best care available (period). Every time we see another teammate struggling or falling victim to suicide we wonder if that teammate had access to the right kind of care that might have made the difference.

Responsible stewards of your benevolence – the Patriot City planning team is committed to ensuring your benevolence is fully honored in the most financially responsible way possible. To date, nobody on our team has received a salary of any kind and our planning team members are even self-funding their project related travel requirements. Our focus will always be mission first.


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